Malarkey’s Poker Room

Charity name: F & AM 47 Plymouth Rock Lodge General Fund

License #: M00015

Located inside
Malarkey's Irish Sports Pub

35750 Warren Rd, Westland, MI 48185
Monday - Wednesday 1pm - 2am
Thursday 7pm - 2am
content_pokerMalarkey’s Poker Room provides the ultimate poker environment centered around our players. We offer the highest quality equipment including premium poker tables featuring state of the art auto shufflers, chairs and chips. We take pride in offering highly trained and efficient professional dealers and floor managers who are dedicated to making Malarkey’s Poker Room the most enjoyable room in the State. To complete the experience the restaurant is always running great food and beverage specials for all poker players.

Our professional poker dealers are friendly and knowledgeable and will guide players through the event whether they’re absolute beginners or advanced players.

We offer the best cash games around:

Other “state approved” games available upon request.


  • “NO LIMIT HOLD’EM” | Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday @ 1:00PM
    $40 Buy in 30,000 starting chips
  • “NO LIMIT HOLD’EM TURBO REBUY” | Thursday @ 1:00PM
    $20 Buy in 30,000 starting chips
  • “TEXAS HOLD’EM NO LIMIT FREEZE OUT” | Monday @ 7:30pm
    $40 Buy in 30,000 Starting chips
  • NLHE “Pick Your Poison” | Tuesday @ 7:30pm
    $30 buy in 20,000 starting chips
    $40 buy in 30,000 starting chips
    $50 buy in 40,000 starting chips
  • “ROUND-X-ROUND” | Wednesday @ 7:30pm
    $40 Buy in 30,000 Starting chips + re-buy or add on $40 for 30,000
  • “TEXAS HOLD’EM NL TURBO REBUY” | Thursday @ 7:30pm
    $20 Buy in 20,000 Starting chips
  • “$100 TEXAS HOLD’EM NL FREEZE OUT” | Thursday @ 6:00pm
    $100 Buy in 40,000 Starting chips