content_charityAim High Proceeds: Aiming-high to benefit local charities in our community

At Aim High Proceeds, we specialize in running organized and structured, Vegas-style Millionaire Parties for qualified Michigan non-profit and charitable organizations. We can assist you with a turn-key fundraiser with minimal expense or time invested. A Millionaire party can provide non-profit organizations a new opportunity to raise thousands of dollars in a short time and these events can bring positive exposure for your organization to an affluent group of supporters who wouldn’t ordinarily be exposed to your cause.


A “Millionaire Party License” allows a qualified organization to conduct a millionaire party/poker tournament and cash games for up to 4 consecutive days. An organization can receive up to 4 licenses per calendar year. The license fee with the State of Michigan is $50.00 per day. Below are qualified organizations:

Taking advantage of a Michigan “Millionaire Party License” can make a difference to any size charity group. Below are some benefits to having Aim High Proceeds host your event:

How to Contact Us

For more information about hosting an event or qualifications for non profit organizations, please feel free to contact us. Let us assist you on your next licensed Millionaire Party/Casino Night or Texas Hold’em Tournament.

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